30 motivational quotes that will definitely inspire you to succeed

To have a goal is entirely different from succeeding. Many people set goals that they never work hard to reach or they sets that are way to vague and not specific. A goal must be SMART S-SPECIFIC M-MeasurableA-ATTAINABLER-RELEVANTT-TIME-BASED A lot of people set goals and do not make it happen. This may be due toContinue reading “30 motivational quotes that will definitely inspire you to succeed”

12 Motivational Quotes For Diabetics

Diabetes can be a very devastating disease for one to endure. For one, they will need medicine for diabetes (insulin shots) for the rest of their life as , as there is no definite cure for the disease yet. It can be very tiring, even discouraging, to be in such a health situation. But don’t give up.Continue reading “12 Motivational Quotes For Diabetics”

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