The top 6 fears almost every diabetic experience [advice for newly diagnosed]

The top 6 fears almost every diabetic experience [advice for newly diagnosed]

When an individual is first diagnosed of diabetes, they are faced with so many challenges. Their lifestyle have to change to suit their newly discovered phase of life.

Ask any diabetic about how it felt when they were first diagnosed of diabetes, and they will reply you that is overwhelming. They are emotionally, mentally and physically, financially challenged. Actually life as a diabetic is not a funny one.

Diabetic as to limit the kind of foods they eat, the kind of events and foods they eat there, they have to keep the blood sugar on check. They are worried not become hypoglycemic. They constantly monitor their blood glucose and their lifestyle revolves around diabetes. Being a diabetic requires much discipline and lots of motivation and support.

Advice for diabetic (newly diagnosed)

Being a diabetic may be very challenging for many newly diagnosed individuals. Because you are faced with many things that you aren’t faced with before. So to live and be happy as a newly diagnosed diabetic and to stay motivated i will suggest you do one or the following things:

  • Look for fellow diabetics for support and advice as a newly diagnosed diabetic.
  • Seek for support from family and friends
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with the thought of diabetes. Don’t worry too much.
  • Start by adjusting your lifestyle to a balanced one that will favor you as a diabetic.
  • Consider exercise as an hobby, yes make exercise as part of your lifestyle, that been said it will help you as a whole in terms of been fit as an individual. “Health is wealth” they said.
  • Seek your doctors advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
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How to lower your blood sugar level instantly and naturally

As a newly diagnosed diabetic you will be faced with hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Those two things will constantly overwhelm you as a newly diagnosed diabetic. I have come up with some of the ways and techniques that will help you lower blood sugar level instantly and naturally

Top 6 fears of diabetics

As i have said earlier, been a newly diabetic is very challenging, every diabetic whether new or not experience this fears which i referred to as the top 6 fears of diabetics. This fears are natural to every diabetic. Bit when you get to know this fears and acknowledge them it may lessen their impact on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. These fears include:

  1. Diabetes complications. When your doctor first tell you that you are diagnosed with diabetes what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably the complications of diabetes, you probably worried that you should not develop any complications of diabetes. Diabetes complications include: Cardiovascular disease, Nerve damage (neuropathy), Kidney damage (nephropathy), Eye damage (retinopathy), Foot damage, Skin conditions, Hearing impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, Depression.
  2. Fear of hypoglycemia. As a diabetic you’re constantly worried of not going hungry. You’re worried about being hypoglycemic.
  3. Fear of brain damage from hypoglycemia. This is so devastating and overwhelming as you’re constantly worried about brain damage whenever you become hypoglycemic.
  4. Fear of financial burden. Being diabetic is very demanding physically, emotionally, mentally ans financially. You’re constantly worried about how to afford those expensive diabetes medicines.
  5. Fear of not knowing what to eat. As a diabetic, you just don’t eat anything you want to eat. This choice making of foods to eat is very tiring and overwhelming as you’re constantly contemplating on what to eat.
  6. Fear of children or grandchildren developing diabetes. You’re worried about your posterity developing diabetes.

The above are the top 6 fears of diabetics.

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