What causes polyuria in diabetes? Causes of diabetes polyuria

What causes polyuria in diabetes?
1. What is polyuria
2. Diuresis vs polyuria
3. Can polyuria be cured?
4. Symptoms of diabetes polyuria
5. What causes polyuria in diabetes
6. How to cure diabetes polyuria naturally

What is polyuria?

Polyuria is the production of usually large amount of urine in diabetes.

It should be noted that diabetes polyuria is different from urinary frequency, in that frequent urination may not have an underlying cause and may be due to intake of large amount of liquids, drinking too much of caffeine or pregnancy as well as anxiety. While diabetes polyuria occurs due to presence of excess amount of sugar/glucose in the blood.

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Diuresis vs polyuria

Diuresis and polyuria are two medically related terms. Diuresis is the excessive production of urine and may usually be induced by diuretics (a drug or substance that cause an increase in urine production)

Polyuria: poly-meaning “many” uria-meaning “urination”. Therefore literally polyuria means many urination.

Diuresis and polyuria can be interchange in some cases

Can polyuria be cured?

Yes polyuria can be cured. The treatment for polyuria depends on its causes.

Polyuria that results from diabetes can be cured only when the blood sugar levels are under control. While polyuria that results from too much intake of liquids can be cured only by reducing the amount of liquid taking.

Lastly polyuria can be cured but it depends on the underlying cause of polyuria before treatment should be considered.

Symptoms of diabetes polyuria

There are some symptoms associated with polyuria besides the large excretion of urine. They include:

  • Feeling thirsty: you feel thirsty because you lost large amount of body fluid, as a result you get dehydrated and often want to drink lots of water and liquid in general
  • Frequent nocturnal urination: you wake up often in the night to pee frequently.
  • Headache: when you get dehydrated you feel headache
  • Dry lips: dry lips are sign that you are dehydrated and need to get rehydrated.

What causes polyuria in diabetes?

Polyuria occurs in diabetes due to a high level of blood sugar that occur as a result of inability of the body to secrete insulin (type 1 diabetes).

Insulin is a hormone that helps to regulate blood glucose level.

Insulin enable the body cells to utilize glucose obtained from meal and convert them to energy that can be utilized by the body. But in absence of this insulin the body is unable to make use of this glucose, thereby more glucose are being excreted in the urine causing you to excrete large amount of urine.

Insulin is the major hormone in the regulation of blood sugar level.

How to cure diabetes polyuria naturally

Diabetes polyuria can be cured naturally by one or combination of the following:

  1. Avoid anything that will cause your blood sugar level to rise to an abnormal level
  2. Keep an eye on your blood sugar level
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Minimize your intake of liquids, caffeine
  5. Avoid stress (can cause anxiety)
  6. Get enough sleep

Have you learn how diabetes can cause polyuria? If you learn something don’t hesitate to share your understanding with others in the comment section below.

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